Międzynarodowy Festiwal Rybnicka Jesień Chóralna im. Henryka Mikołaja Góreckiego





ORGANIZER: Teatr Ziemi Rybnickiej
DATE: November 05, 2022.



Teatr Ziemi Rybnickiej,
Plac Teatralny im. Kazimierza Kutza 1,
44-200 Rybnik


- Propagation of the best exemplars of choral singing
- Choral art promotion
- Presentation of current trends in choral music performance
- Cultivation of rich Silesian choral traditions, including Rybnik area
- The choral music festivity


1. The Festival is addressed to non-professional choirs in the following categories:
- School choirs (primary and secondary school students)
- Academic choirs
- Homogenous choirs
- Chamber choirs ( up to 16 persons )
- Mixed choirs
2. One choir can participate only in one performance category.
3. Jury reserves the right to combine categories in case of small number of applications.
4. Jury reserves the right to move a choir to another performance category


10.00 - 17:00 - contest auditions
17.00 - 18.00 - Jury session
19.00 - 20:30 - Laureates' concert (announcement of results, granting awards)


1. The choir will be admitted to the Festival by the Artistic Council appointed by the organizer on the
basis of the submitted ensemble recording (CD, DVD or MP3, film) and the submitted contest
2. Grand Prix winner from the previous edition of the festival cannot take part in the current edition.
3. Choirs qualified for the festival are obliged to prepare a competition program consisting of up to 15
minutes of pure singing and up to 5 pieces, a cappella.
4. Works submitted to the contest program are valid and not subject to change.
5. In the contest part of the evaluation will be made by a jury appointed by the organizer.
6. The decisions of the jury are final and irrevocable.


1. A duly completed Application Form with the following attachments :
- a current musical recording or film
- A biographical note about the choir's activities
- good quality digital photos of the choir
should be sent to the e-mail address of the International Rybnik Choral Autumn Festival, Organization Office by September 5, 2022
2. Choirs will be notified of admission to the festival by September 15, 2022.
3. Choirs qualified to the contest are obliged to send 4 sets of scores (printed and folded) of submitted
repertoire to the postal address of Rybnik Choral Autumn Festival, Organization Office and
confirmation of participation fees (by mail or e-mail) by 25 September 2022.


1. Level of performance
2. Degree of difficulty of the program
3. Choice of repertoire - the repertoire should be varied in terms of genre and style
4. Interpretation, style of performance
5. Sound qualities
6. General artistic expression


All choirs qualified by the Artistic Council to participate in the Festival auditions come to Rybnik at their
own expense and are obliged to pay an accreditation fee in the amount of 20 PLN per participant (the fee
does not include the conductor).

Participation fees should be paid to the bank account of the Teatr Ziemi Rybnickiej:
PKO BP  36 1020 2528 0000 0102 0434 8454,
IBAN PL 36 1020 2528 0000 0102 0434 8454,
not later than 25.09.2022

In the title of the transfer please write: RJCH 2022 [choir name].

In case of failure to pay the fee the choir will not be admitted to the competition auditions.
In case of choir resignation from participation in the Festival, the accreditation fee will not be returned.



Grand Prix minimum 95 points.
Gold Diploma: 90 - 100 points.
Silver Diploma: 75 - 89 points.
Bronze Diploma: 60 - 74 points.
Grand Prix is awarded to the best choir of the festival. The Grand Prix winner will receive a cash prize of
5000 PLN and a gold-plated festival statuette.

The winners of the first places with the highest absolute scores in each category will receive cash awards of
the expected amount of:
PLN 1500 - if the winner of the 1st place is awarded a golden diploma
PLN 1200 - if the winner of the 1st place is awarded a silver diploma
PLN 1000 - if the winner of the 1st place is awarded a bronze diploma


Special Awards:
Award of Prof. Czesław Freund for the Best Conductor of the Festival PLN 1000
Award for the best performance of a work by Henryk Mikołaj Górecki PLN 500
Award for the best performance of a contemporary work by a Silesian composer
(born after 1950) PLN 500
Award for the best performance of a work of sacral music PLN 500
- Each of the invited choirs will receive a diploma for participation and a set of festival materials.
- The organizer reserves the right to different award distribution.
- Awards shall be taxed in accordance with applicable regulations.
- Participation in the Laureate Concert is a prerequisite for receiving the award.


1. The organizer provides mineral water and refreshments during the auditions.
2. The organizer provides a tour leader for choirs from outside Rybnik, who will help in organizational,
technical and tourist matters (e.g. visiting the city).
3. The organizer does not provide meals, however may arrange dinner reservations on the day of the
competition. A detailed offer will be sent to the registered teams no later than September 25, 2022.
4. In case of need for accommodation the organizer can provide assistance in arranging accommodation.
A list of hotels and accommodation can be found at: www.rybnickajesienchoralna.pl
5. At the end of the final concert all the choirs perform together the hymn Gaude Mater Polonia
arranged by Teofil Klonowski.


1. The organizer reserves the right to change the rules.
2. The organizer is not responsible for the copyrights to the works performed.
Address for festival correspondence:


Teatr Ziemi Rybnickiej
Plac Teatralny im. Kazimierza Kutza 1
44-200 Rybnik
e-mail: izabarska.tzr@gmail.com
tel. 32 433 27 24 (Izabela Barska-Kaczmarczyk – festival coordinator)



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